Case Examples

Consulting Services: Accenture




Candidate for Partner needed leadership development to achieve promotion

Superior requested more “Presidential” behavior

Candidate had a client company that needed to operate more effectively in strategic, technical, and interpersonal areas to succeed

Upon promotion to Partner, the individual needed to integrate a large workforce after a merger

Aligned desired outcomes with candidate and superior

Coached candidate and his team both shadow and direct

Conducted conflict resolution and taught skills

Coached communication process for client relations excellence

Coached both client company and their client to successful interaction

Taught organizational skills that candidate used to tackle large scale integration effort

Candidate seen as more “Presidential”

Promoted to Partner

Corporate client company prospered

Large scale integration effort lead effectively and economically

“I am leading an effort to integrate the supply chains of three recently merged companies.  The scope is enormous: a $40 billion global organization of 60,000 people with three distinct cultures.  As a result of your coaching on leadership, problem resolution and delivering difficult messages, this effort is proceeding smoothly, despite its complexity and scope.  Your contribution to my success has proven immensely valuable to my clients, our firm and me personally, resulting in my accelerated promotion.”

Allen J. Delattre
Partner, Global Communications & High Tech/Supply Chain Practice