Case Examples

Financial Services: Charles Schwab




A highly-valued senior leader’s style and communication was impairing performance

The leader’s team productivity and morale was hindered, as was career growth

Upper management valued leader’s capacity but insisted on immediate change

Assessed current strengths and areas for development in brief 360º evaluation

Aligned client and his superior on desired outcomes, metrics and timeframe for work

Provided shadow and live-time coaching in individual and team meetings to strengthen communication and leadership skills

Reinforced work

Client achieved higher level of leadership and communication skills quickly and was promoted

Leader continued to grow capacity to lead well with favorable impact on organization

Productivity of team increased

Favorable attitude cascaded down the organization

“I view Dr. Fisher’s coaching as a true turn-around talent.  His observations and opinions are insightful and his ability to translate this into sustained actions is key to the success of these assignments.  We are thrilled with his work and I would recommend him for the most challenging assignments.”

Steve Scheid
Former Vice Chairman and CFO, Financial Products and Services
The Charles Schwab Corporation
Current Chairman, Janus Capital Management