Case Examples

Healthcare: National Institutes of Health




NIH requested assistance with a key national clinical study group who needed to obtain even higher level of study outcomes and publications despite brilliant past performance

Interviewed senior leaders at NIH to clarify the critical decision making guidelines that were going to be applied in evaluation process over upcoming sixty days

Went into the field nationally and interviewed the senior clinicians who were the leaders of the project

Conducted two day off site on east coast in preparation for preliminary visit by NIH to review proposed changes and plans

NIH approved new structure with enthusiasm

Two Year Follow Up

Clarified acuity of situation and clear cut criterion that were going to be used to judge study groups response as it would impact future funding

Identified decision making process of “consensus” which had created superb past results

Gained agreement to meet on east coast for two day review of organizational decision making process and organization structure

Restructured study group organization leadership structure to establish CEO and Chief Science Officer

New Structure implemented to enhance rapid determination of what science to pursue and what studies to publish

Reverse Sight Visit in Washington, DC two weeks later resulted in approval by NIMH and continued funding at same level

New structure in place, clinical and publishing outcomes met and exceeded.  NIH reported success and continued support for this critical clinical work.