Case Examples

Information Technology: Sun Microsystems




Individual leader recognized limits on career around communication and strategy issues

Leader tasked with building business partnerships nationally and internationally for new concept product. Required business outcomes included:

- Identifying best software integration partners

- Establishing reference accounts for partnership

- Creating demonstration centers for concept and product

- Integrating centers with central marketing and sales of parent organization

Assessed leader’s capacity with peers, superiors

Created priorities, alignment, metrics and development plan

Created communication strategy for leadership development

Created the org. standards for technology partnerships, assessed potential corporate partners

Advised on partner selection and strategies to strengthen partner companies to make them better at delivering

Coached on communication strategy with partners, peers and upward report

Leader better able to negotiate with senior level executives in partner companies

Created successful partnerships with select software integration companies

Developed several successful centers in the United States and expanded concept and centers to Europe, adding highly significant revenue impact per client estimate

Leader promoted 3 times

“You established the organizational standards to guide our technology partnerships and this was ultimately associated with considerable business success for our company.  Since we began working together, I have received three promotions, associated base compensation raises, additional stock options and significant increased bonuses based on your coaching.”

Business Manager
Sun Microsystems