Case Examples

Healthcare Services: Vivigen Labs




Company performing below capacity because:

- Several senior leaders were locked in contentious relationships due to lack of trust

- New President’s style not congruent with company culture

- Executives and medical directors disagreed on timing to market new products

- CEO was considering sale of company as exit strategy; needed to establish right conditions for negotiation and organizational merger

Set goals with CEO

Aligned goals with identified leaders

Contracted for outcomes

Set metrics / milestones

Achieved conflict resolution across senior team

Coached new President on communication style, and strategy to work effectively with medical directors

Coached medical leader to become successful site manager

Reduced tension during due-diligence phase of sale

Drove change management to prepare company to integrate with new parent company

Senior team resolved conflict, creating more productive working relationships for themselves and staff

New President modified communication to lead more effectively

Company aligned on product, quality, and management strategy

CEO/Chairman successfully negotiated for the sale of the company as exit strategy

Company went through due diligence without disruption, despite concerns about impact of purchase by larger company with different culture

All leaders were retained saving $12 million dollars in potential penalties.

“You provided the leadership for the high morale with which we look forward to this merger.  You built and executed a plan that helped us deal with conflicts of nearly every conceivable form.  You guided us in several important relationships resulting in substantial new revenue.”

- Thomas K. Reed, Jr.
  Former Chairman and CEO
  Vivigen Labs


Case Examples:

Medical Staff Consultation: Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford; California Pacific Medical Center; Kaiser Permanente 

: Vivigen Laboratories (purchased in publicly traded sale by Genzyme Corporation)

Consulting Services
: Accenture-Global Communications & High Tech/Supply Chain Practice 
Information Technology (IT):
Sun Microsystems-Marketing Organization

Financial Services: Charles Schwab Corporation-Financial Products and Services 

Healthcare: National Institutes of Health-National Study Group