Dr. Fisher provides Leadership Development and Strategy Execution Audit services across multiple verticals to clients ranging from IPO to Fortune 100 to clients such as: 

    Consulting: Accenture*, Ernst and Young, Deloitte and Touche 

    Energy: Chevron Corporation 

    Finance:  Accruit, Bank of America, Fair Isaac Co (FICO), Charles Schwab, Inc.*, Washington Mutual (WAMU), Wells Fargo Bank, Visa, Visa International 

    Hi Tech and Software: Adapt, Centegy, Intuit, Oracle,, Sun Microsystems* 

    Healthcare, Biotech and Pharma: Alta Bates Hospital CCU/ICU/Hospice, California Pacific Medical Center, Childhood Leukemia Study(Univ. of  California, Berkeley), Heart Institute of New Mexico, Kaiser Permanente Senior Regional Leaders(Presidents), National Institutes of Health*, WIHS Study (Senior leaders Montefiore, Johns Hopkins, USC, UCSF, Cook County, Maimomedes),  Stanford Laboratories, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Santarus, Inc, Stanford Hospital, Sunfish Laboratories, Tularik (Roche), Vivigen Laboratories* 

    Legal: Intuit Legal Department, Seed and Berry 

    Technology: Raytheon, Science and Technology Corporation@UNM (STC.UNM), International Rectifier

*Case Examples