Client Testimonials

Dr. Fisher consistently enables high-level business impact and personal achievement, as demonstrated by the following references from clients:

“Robert is the best in the business.”

David Belle-Isle
Vice President, Organizational Excellence

“You have had an enormous impact in helping me develop my leadership capacity. Your perspectives have brought critical insight into senior leadership decision-making.  Your conflict resolution skills in difficult negotiations at the highest company levels have been superb.  You have a spectacular skill set and your guidance is priceless.”

    Marc Benioff
    Chairman and CEO

Dr. Robert Fisher’s assignment in working with senior leaders at Kaiser Permanente was daunting. The initial challenge was to find common experience and values to appeal to a very diverse group of regional presidents, physician executives, not for profit administrators, and for profit COOs of Kaiser Permanente.

After guiding us in building common vision and values, he then undertook individual leadership and organizational development work to help us enhance our operational and organizational effectiveness. In some cases this required substantial improvements in multiple disciplines.

It is a measure of Dr. Fisher’s success and skill that not only did the several businesses experience dramatic improvements in sales, revenue, operational effectiveness and medical/administrative cooperation, but even those of us who were most resistant in the beginning, including myself,  became devoted to his highly successful strategies which created stronger leaders and sustained results. Robert is wise, patient, and persuasive and has a keen eye for business strategy and positioning.  

Dr. Fisher’s ability to work with senior leaders in health care is superb. 

    Chris DuLaney
    Former Regional President, Kaiser Permanente

You provided the leadership for the high morale with which we look forward to the merger. You built and executed a plan that helped us deal with conflicts of nearly every conceivable form. You guided us in several important relationships resulting in substantial new revenue.”

    Thomas K. Reed, Jr.
    Former Chairman and CEO
    Vivigen Labs (Publicly traded and purchased by Genzyme)

I have been involved in healthcare and medical administration at a private not-for-profit academic medical center for twenty-five years. Six months ago, I was promoted to the position of Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs.   

I am not the typical hospital executive. I am opinionated- sometimes to a fault. I like to laugh and to make others laugh. Some like me, others don’t. I am not shy about entering difficult discussions and I have the usual M.D. bravado of thinking that my knowledge base knows no bounds. When first advised that I would have an executive coach as part of my new employment agreement as a Vice President, I assumed that this was the CEO’s way of trying to fit my personality into his perception of “acceptable executive behavior”. 

In my new role, I was provided the services of Dr. Robert Fisher.  I have now worked with Dr. Robert Fisher for approximately six months. Our meetings have become a highlight of my employment. In addition, I have gained insights that certainly have improved my performance. In fact, I am not certain that I would stayed on the job without our interactions. 

Dr. Fisher is smart, and he has a great sense of humor. He has a background and experience that allows comparisons to previous difficult situations. History is a great teacher. In addition, he is totally trustworthy. When we meet, I outline those situations that I believe are difficult. After twenty years of surviving hospital administration, I am no novice. However, he has helped me to understand that new challenges may require new approaches. He has helped me gain insight into the characters and needs of my fellow executives.. His insights lead to success. I can state with certainty that I gain immensely by reviewing potential new approaches to problems and people. I find myself effecting approaches that would not have come naturally.  

I look forward to my meetings with Dr. Fisher. He is clearly a good person who cares about excellence. I know that he has had a huge positive influence on me in terms of adapting to a difficult new challenge.  He has my very highest recommendation. 

    Allan Pont MD
    Vice President – Medical Affairs
    California Pacific Medical Center
    San Francisco, CA

In my role as Chief Clinical Safety Officer and Medical Director of Quality Management at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford I am called upon to assess and introduce change in practice to enhance care across multiple disciplines and often with speed, always with efficiency and with requisite acceptance.  This change must be sustained and measured.   

The speed in which you were able to assess with me the issues facing my leadership and position and help institute a plan to ensure its rapid effectiveness was a great contribution.  You proceed with keen insight and seasoned effectiveness to help me accelerate the transformation into the leader that I must be in my role.  This amalgam of complex communication and assessment tools that you have helped me develop in addition to skills at conflict resolution and  negotiation have helped multiple initiatives succeed in a much shorter and easier path than I would have expected.  My insight into the strategy and organizational change has become an invaluable tool. 

We are moving at an unprecedented rate of change resulting in improved and measurable change.  My abilities to chair a meeting, introduce complex and often challenging new ideas, institute them and work with peers and senior medical and administrative colleagues has strengthened to the advantage of my work and the quality of care in our institution as well as accelerate my contributions to the quality and safety on a national stage.   

The work that I have accomplished with your assistance with outcomes recognized in our institution. It has caused true and critical change and has been measurable and sustained.  It is a credit to what we have done together.  It has contributed great and lasting value both to me as a leader and physician and to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital as a whole.
Because I have both an internal audience here at Packard and  at Stanford Hospital and a National and International Audience to whom I communicate in writing and speaking, the leverage of what we have done has lasting and critical impact beyond the doors of Lucille Packard. 

I love the work that we have done. I look forward to continuing my work with Dr Fisher in the future. 

    Paul Sharek, MD, MPH
    Chief Clinical Safety Officer, LPCH
    Medical Director of Quality Management, LPCH
    Asst. Prof. of Pediatrics, Stanford Univ. School of Medicine

“I view Dr. Fisher’s coaching as a true turn-around talent.  His observations and opinions are insightful and his ability to translate this into sustained actions is key to the success of these assignments.  We are thrilled with his work and I would recommend him for the most challenging assignments.”

    Steve Scheid
    Former Vice Chairman & CFO, Financial Products & Services, The Charles Schwab Corporation
    Current Chairman, Janus Capital Management

Dear Robert, 

Perhaps the best testament to the success of the leadership work that you and I have done is that Washington Mutual’s Chief Auditor recommended to his senior management that I fill a newly created role to parachute into a highly complex issue for the bank.  This issue, which is in the public domain, is focused on a Cease and Desist order issued to Washington Mutual by the Federal Regulators to increase the effectiveness of processes that identify and report suspicious activity related to possible criminal activity, money laundering, and terrorist financing across the enterprise.

When I accepted the assignment, I asked senior management to engage your services. In that role you have helped me to move process, people development, reporting, teaming, hiring, training, peer, direct and upward management with high speed and great efficiency. These outcomes are essential for the bank to meet the requirements of the Federal Regulators.  You have been a critical factor in our progress. 

Your incisive thinking has been exactly what I had hoped for and actually exceeded what I had imagined. You have uncanny intuitive skills that helped me develop and trust my own intuition as a leader.  The outcomes have exceeded my expectations and those of my department. Your expertise in this critical issue for the bank demonstrates your unusual capability to jump in anywhere and create high level success.

I thank you for your dedication and skill in your work with me and Washington Mutual.

    Gilbert Ayala
    Formerly, Director or BSA/AML Operations, WAMU
    Currently, Compliance Director, BSA/AML Operations, JP Morgan Chase

Your contribution to my success has proven immensely valuable to my clients, our firm and me personally.  I am currently leading an effort to integrate the supply chains of three recently merged companies.  The scope is enormous: a $40 billion global organization of 60,000 people with three distinct cultures. As a result of your advising on leadership, problem resolution and delivering difficult messages, this effort is proceeding smoothly and with relative ease, despite its complexity and scope.”

    Allen J. Delattre
    Partner, Global Comm. & High Tech/Supply Chain Practice, Accenture

I engaged Robert to assist me with a cultural change with my International Finance Group at Visa International when I was there in the role of EVP of International Finance. Robert helped establish a workable model of trust with the staff, improve communication and team spirit and create an environment where people felt more a part of creating solutions. Essentially, he strongly helped me jump start effective change to my finance group. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.”

    Mark Tremont
    Former EVP, International Finance Group
    Visa International

 “I wasn’t prepared for the depth of personal caring you demonstrated to all the team members. That is an extraordinary capability and personal trait I’ve never before encountered by anyone in your profession. The energy that you brought to our discussions and the personal commitment to help us with the hard issues has benefited the entire company.”

    Ken Campbell,
    Former CEO and President, Centegy and Co-Founder US Web

“Robert has served on the Board of Directors of STC.UNM (the technology transfer organization wholly owned by the University of New Mexico for many years.  His leadership and insight have played a key role in the success of STC.  In particular, his knowledge of organizational dynamics and networking have helped STC further its mission with the expansion of contacts worldwide.”

      Lisa Kuuttila, President and CEO, STC.UNM

                  STC.UNM (STC) is a nonprofit corporation formed by and owned entirely by the University of New Mexico (UNM) (formed in 1995 by the Regents of UNM to protect and transfer its faculty inventions to the commercial marketplace.  STC licenses innovative technology developed at UNM, including optics, microfluidics and high performance materials as well as therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and discovery tools.