Dr. Fisher’s objective is to assist leaders and their organization to managing their entire business environment for better decision-making and actions to maximize their success and minimize risk. He will tailor a specific plan of action based on your situation and targeted outcomes. When working with you and your organization, Dr. Fisher uses the following method of engagement:




1. Diagnose Define and understand issues. Assess Org. Structure, Governance, Rewards, plus Rational, Political, and Emotional elements.

Review Strategy

Conduct Risk Assessment
Conduct individual oral and written interviews.

Assess outside views of company, leadership and strategy from internal and external stakeholders
2. Prioritize goals and milestones Put issues raised into a sequence based on importance to individuals and the organization. Target key issues and outcomes. Review compiled information with those interviewed and gain alignment on priorities.
3. Identify core issues, obstacles & opportunities Find points of friction that may impede achieving needed outcomes. Work toward running a transparent organization. Assist individuals, teams & org. to see and accept what is in the way as well as unforeseen opportunity identified. Manage risk during the process.
4. Develop individual/ organization plan Create a roadmap to achieve outcomes. Individuals and teams learn to state the obvious, analyze the complex, and embrace the truth.  This leads to capabilities moving from current state to future goals. Conduct one-on-one and team meetings and interventions. Reinforce commitment to stated outcomes.
Continue meetings with senior leadership to assure sponsorship of initiatives.

Reinforce commitment to stated outcomes
5. Set metrics to evaluate progress Define measurable metrics for business and career-based outcomes. Run individual and team meetings
6. Create alignment Identify misalignment and alignment. Address friction and identify synergy. Lead individual and group discussion, negotiation and conflict resolution.
7. Execute Set plan into motion after getting executive sponsorship and organizational buy-in for initiative. Assist clients through execution. Communicate in person, by phone and e-mail. Provide individual, team and organizational coaching and intervention and communication guidance as anticipated and needed.
8. Reassess and redirect Measure actual progress against ideal. Adjust. Keep work on track according to plan to achieve goals. Assess key goals against metrics, clarify gaps, and refine plan to enhance or redirect.
9. Sustain Establish plan to sustain progress. Create agreements and commitments across the organization and its leadership to maintain gains achieved and steps to sustain them.


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