Strategy Execution Audit and Assessment

The Leadership Strategic Execution Audit: The Leadership Strategic Audit (L-SEA) is a mapping process that detects, measures and describes Convergence and Divergence of strategic direction and intent within an organization and its leadership.  

Analysis: The L-SEA clarifies departures from intended strategy and the drivers that may have been set in motion that that have caused the divergence. It also identifies the drivers that are supporting convergence. 

L-SEA Process: The Leadership Strategy Execution Audit assesses and maps the primary leader(ship) strategy against the multiple execution intentions and accuracy of those executing against that strategy. 

When the L-SEA detects Divergence (L-SEA-D) a plan of corrective action and tracking is prescribed. 

When convergence is detected (LSEA-C), a plan is generated to sustain convergent execution, capture its essence and build it into the culture more robustly.

Outputs: The L-SEA-R (Recommendations) identify actions that can save costly errors, perceived or actual decline in leadership capacity, failures to meet sales and revenues targets, product launch deadlines, marketing targets, technology advance as well as potential damage to client, stakeholder, investor and board relationships.  

The L-SEA produces tangible and critical information of immediate importance which adds to an organization's strategic risk management.   

L-SEA Predictive Scenarios: The L-SEA reveals actual vs. perceived execution momentum in organizations. The L-SEA-PS creates multiple future scenario maps that can arise from current assumptions and discovered direction.  Back to the point, this is no time for surprises.   

The provision of Predictive Scenarios gives leaders and organizations crisp mapping and visualization of anticipated outcomes of perceived vs. actual direction.  This illuminates current and future state and the gap analysis of any delta that may exist: from minimal to significant to critical.

This provides clarity and a method to approach alignment and re-alignment of strategic intent and execution and metrics to sustain it.

L-SEA Outcomes Report: The L-SEA Process Report (L-SEA-PR) provides a platform and a process for recalibration, negotiation, clarification, adaptation and accuracy ensuring aligned leadership strategy and setting the metrics against which it will be measured and tracked to stay on course. 
When is the right time, who is the right leader and what is the right group to use the L-SEA? 
The Leadership Strategy Audit can be applied at any stage of a project or in the life cycle of a group's or company's work. The situation and timing can be: Proactive, Reactive or Urgent.

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