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Technology Commercialization Services: 


Robert Fisher, MD, MSPH is serving in his third term on the Board of the Science and Technology Corporation@UNM(STC.UNM). He has served with its three CEOs and three board chairs. 

He maintains his continuing commitment to the development of the Science and Technology Corporation at the University of New Mexico to increase disclosures of IP, the number of patents and licensing agreements and build its rich portfolio of intellectual property. He has contributed to building an organization that has gone from its early startup efforts to generating a solid presence with the University of New Mexico’s faculty and becoming a leader amongst its peer organizations nationally.

”Robert’s leadership and insight have played a key role in the success of STC. In particular, his knowledge of organizational dynamics and networking have helped STC further its mission with the expansion of contacts worldwide.”

      Lisa Kuuttila, CEO
      Science and Technology Corporation@UNM(STC.UNM)


Intellectual Property Life Cycle Management:

My work in the area of IP commercialization includes patent and licensing and work to assist technology startups. As a three term member of the board of the Science and Technology Corporation @UNM my responsibilities  have ranged from faculty inventor relations, community relations and marketing, global outreach, organizational development, leadership development, negotiations and conflict resolution and program development.

This has provided me with experience and tools to work with startups, decision making on creating new business, leadership selection and development, organizational design and investor and board relations. 

I offer this range of services to new and existing businesses across multiple verticals in technology, health sciences, medical device, biologic science and pharma. I also provide consultation to leadership of existing technology transfer and development programs in the public and corporate, for profit and non profit sectors. 

Strategic Alliance:

In my work in technology commercialization, patent and licensing, portfolio development and portfolio evaluation I maintain a longstanding strategic alliance with Dr. Peter Perna and his organization, Alpine Strategy of Durango, Colorado. Dr. Perna has been the head of two university technology transfer programs and has deep scientific, commercialization, market assessment and business development background.  He maintains a keen focus on the resources of the Department of Defense  funding and RFP processes as well as his broad reach to major university intellectual property portfolios and development in the for profit business sector. 

Our longstanding work together blends the technical, organizational and leadership arms that are critical to entire intellectual property lifecycle from development, patent, license through creating companies, running them effectively and profitably to exit strategies and sales. 

(See recent interview of Dr. Fisher in the STC.UNM 2010 Spring Edition of Portal El Mercado: Door to the Marketplace:  (Scroll to pages 8-9) 

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