Transition and Onboarding

Executive Transitions:

In today’s volatile economic environment, as well as in the routine course of career growth, executives may move often from one position to another and between companies. Timing a transition in career trajectory requires careful consideration. Dr. Fisher helps orchestrate the process of assessing suitable career goals, necessary skills and the development required to achieve success. These services apply when individuals are moving within or between organizations. 

When leaders are leaving an organization, providing a strategy and the support to make a successful transition is a productive choice for the welfare of the executive, the people in the organization they are leaving and the downstream relationships that can create good will or conflict. 


When leaders are arriving and taking on new responsibility in a new organization and culture, an onboarding process to accelerate their integration has proven to be a wise investment of time and resources.  The percentage of leaders who do not succeed in their new roles without a sound process in place to bring them on board and up to speed is considerable. With a solid onboarding process in place the likelihood of success in terms of productivity, integration into the new culture, earlier contributions in their role and increased likelihood that they will last in their job and perform successfully are strengthened. 

Service Offerings: