Leadership Development and Organizational Change

In a career of over 18 years of working with senior leaders I have learned what makes leaders successful, mediocre or fail. I have also found that their potential mistakes are detectable as are their opportunities-and, in advance.  Leadership behaviors and performance can be observed, measured and defined to change suboptimal or destructive behaviors and capitalize on talent and opportunity and leverage it even further.  

This doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In the extreme, Captain Alan Bean of Apollo 12 told those of us in his audience at an Accenture Conference on Leadership, “I had to trust a team and they had to trust me to get me to the moon.  And the size of that team was 256,000 people. And I trusted them. And they got me to the moon.” Well, trust goes both ways, and so does the skill to run a business from a start up to Fortune 100 to the crew of a space shot to the moon. 

I have developed techniques and tools to change the course of leadership when it is failing and maximize its potential and exceed expectation when it is succeeding. Since leadership is a two way process, I use the very evaluation tools I have created to influence the development of leaders to invite the commitment and engagement of those they lead. By the time I have done an evaluation, I have also gathered commitments for change across entire teams and organizations.  My work is consistently outcomes and movement focused. 

The result is a constant dedication and growth curve by all involved. I would have to think hard of any move I make when consulting that isn’t aimed toward the business outcomes and objectives of my clients. Once those targets are in sight, I purposefully move toward amplifying the speed and capacity of my client organizations. 

My work centers on a concept of “amplification” of talent, leadership, outcomes and revenue production.  I am equally alert and vigilant to monitor, identify and manage risk.   

I’m trained and seasoned in systems thinking. It’s how I see the world.  I am fortunate that my clients help to define the impact of my work with them.  They have told me that I have the capacity to “see around the corners.” They tell me that the result is that I, “amplify” their ability to “see things coming”, “make things happen,” “dodge bullets” and help them create and control their futures. This kind of partnering success contributes to the reason that I love my work.