Leadership Development

Leaders are expected to do the right thing. Simple as that may sound, it is a constant challenge to do the right thing at the right time and do so with consistency over a career. 
Dr. Fisher’s consulting partnership with leaders is devoted to assist them to do just that: accelerate their leadership capacity to do the right thing at the right time for themselves and their organizations. 
Since speed, efficiency and effectiveness are essential in the current business environment, Dr. Fisher assists leaders at all levels to perform well and lead agilely across a broad range of skills:
  • Set broad strategy and translate it into operation throughout the organization
  • Respond to complex organizational situations effectively
  • Address constituents and stakeholders within and outside of the organization
  • Deliver messages that are clear, inspirational, sometimes difficult, yet that always galvanize action and produce results
  • Build and lead teams and whole organizations
  • Motivate and mentor people
  • Act presidential in demeanor
  • Encourage risk taking, reinforce success yet support failures and learn from them
  • Demonstrate transparency in open and honest communication

Dr. Fisher has a unique capacity to identify the skills that leaders already possess and those that they will have to develop in order to succeed.  He then builds creative strategies to help develop requisite skills and integrate them into a balanced and successful leadership. 
He guides his clients to choose and focus upon a current business deliverable as the platform in which leadership development will occur, establish metrics for success and set aggressive time lines to achieve desired outcomes.