Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

In fact, most of what I do in my work involves negotiation, from subtle to considerable levels of conflict resolution. My role as a negotiator ranges from face to face work or from behind the scenes advising on strategy. It also takes of form of doing conflict resolution work in high risk work with serious monetary and business outcomes at stake. 

Other times, working with leaders of business across a complex set of stakeholders, levels of authority and pressures, there is always a negotiation occurring at a deeper level. Will a leader take in advice, change a style, and learn a new way to view a system, step away from a choice that will lead to a bad outcome even though they have always done things a certain way. These and a host of other issues and considerations are involved in the work that I do. Changing a leaderís approach doesnít always come easy, but when it does, itís impressive so see and so are the outcomes that accompany those changes. 

Formal negotiation and conflict resolution is hard ball. It takes all of my concentration, focus, experience and persuasive power to get my clients to the outcomes they seek.  They donít do this kind of work every day. When the pressure runs high and the stakes are important, you canít wing it or just try to use brute force to win the day. There is a subtle and complex process that goes on for both sides in a conflict. The orchestration to create resolution and a good outcome can be a true win for both sides or it can turn both sides into further adversaries with serious consequence. 

I think that most negative outcomes can be avoided. There is usually a way to resolve disagreement or conflict that is mutually agreeable. My track record in negotiation and conflict resolution outcomes are very strong.  And, in the process, my clients get the sustained value of learning how to do this work which also leads to conflict prevention in the future.